Tim Spencer BA Cert CII

New Business Underwriter


0117 9388 482

Tim Spencer BA Cert CII
Years in industry 27
Years with SSR 15
Technical Knowledge 99
Paper Shuffling Ability 99
Tea making technique 99
Gassing on the phone 89
Social networking skills 99
Claims knowledge 50
Bean Counting 78
Favourite Team GB Womens volleyball
Tastiest Pie Steak n Guinness
Drink Gin and Tonic
Film Film Trading Places
TV Programme The Wire
Favourite Book Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Music Old Dirty B*stard
Holiday Destination India
Specialist Subject Indian Railway Network
Favourite Comic Hero Dr Manhattan
Looks/Style 50
Speed 50
Strength 50
Hairdo 1
Muscles 50
Intelligence 50
Wit 80
Invincibility 80