Sue Ludley

Financial Controller

0117 9388 478

Sue Ludley
Years in industry Just moved into insurance
Years with SSR Just started
Technical Knowledge 0 insurance but 99 for accounts
Paper Shuffling Ability 90
Tea making technique 99.9
Gassing on the phone 5
Social networking skills 1
Claims knowledge 0
Bean Counting 100
Favourite Team The Mighty Boro
Tastiest Pie Steak & Kindney
Drink G&T
Film Jungle Book
TV Programme Bake Off
Favourite Book Atlas
Music most
Holiday Destination anywhere that's not work
Specialist Subject Cats
Favourite Comic Hero top cat
Looks/Style 50
Speed 0
Strength 0
Hairdo 0
Muscles 0
Intelligence 100
Wit 90
Invincibility 99