Karen Nash

Senior Claims Handler


0117 9388 493

Karen Nash
Years in industry 22
Years with SSR 21
Technical Knowledge 70
Paper Shuffling Ability 100
Tea making technique 0
Gassing on the phone 50
Social networking skills 50
Claims knowledge 85
Bean Counting 60
Favourite Team Any Mens Rugby Team
Tastiest Pie Chicken & Mushroom
Drink Pink Fizz
Film The Wizard of Oz
TV Programme The biggest loser
Favourite Book Jordan’s Autobiography
Music Elvis
Holiday Destination Cant afford one working here
Specialist Subject Erasers
Favourite Comic Hero Peppermint Patty
Looks/Style 1
Speed 6
Strength 30
Hairdo 5
Muscles 0
Intelligence 10
Wit 30
Invincibility 0