John Ludley

Managing Director

0117 9388 480

John Ludley
Years in industry 31 (far too long!)
Years with SSR 28 (since day one)
Technical Knowledge 99
Paper Shuffling Ability 100
Tea making technique 6
Gassing on the phone 2
Social networking skills 1 (I can just about use Facebook)
Claims knowledge 60
Bean Counting 85
Favourite Team The mighty Boro
Tastiest Pie Fish
Drink Butcombe Beer
Film Life of Brian
TV Programme Dragons Den
Favourite Book Rogers Profanasorous
Music Chutney-hip hop (honest!)
Holiday Destination Mozambique or Cornwall with the mutt
Specialist Subject Heuer Watches
Favourite Comic Hero Black Bag (The trusty bin liner from Viz)
Looks/Style 66 (a classic black bag)
Speed 77 (in a good gust of wind)
Strength 2 (easily snagged on barbed wire)
Hairdo 0 (follicly challenged)
Muscles 0 (a bit wimpy)
Intelligence 99 (bags don’t get any cleverer)
Wit 100
Invincibility 100 (doesn’t even bio degrade)