Gary Uren


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Gary Uren
Years in industry 31
Years with SSR 28 (since day one)
Technical Knowledge 97
Paper Shuffling Ability 43
Tea making technique 29
Gassing on the phone 52
Social networking skills 4
Claims knowledge 91
Bean Counting 32.5
Favourite Team Bristol City
Tastiest Pie Moo Moo
Drink Earl Grey in a mug
Film Shrek – any of them
TV Programme Horrible Histories
Favourite Book Clarice Bean – My Uncle is an Hunkle
Music Radiohead
Holiday Destination Western Isles of Scotland
Specialist Subject Hip Surgery
Favourite Comic Hero Hot Shot Hamish
Looks/Style 36
Speed 79
Strength 100
Hairdo 3
Muscles 93
Intelligence 8
Wit 62
Invincibility 86