Dan Hallmark

Commercial Manager


0117 9388 486

Dan Hallmark
Years in industry 18
Years with SSR 15
Technical Knowledge 70
Paper Shuffling Ability 90
Tea making technique 3
Gassing on the phone 93
Social networking skills 0
Claims knowledge 50
Bean Counting 87
Favourite Team The Harlem Globetrotters
Tastiest Pie Peter Pieman’s Mince Beef and Onion
Drink Gin and tonic with a dash of Marlboro light
Film Inglorious Basterds
TV Programme University Challenge
Favourite Book Collins Scrabble Dictionary
Music Verdi
Holiday Destination Middle East
Specialist Subject Forms and Orders of Western Liturgy
Favourite Comic Hero Danny from Bash St Kids
Looks/Style 7
Speed 6
Strength 6
Hairdo 9
Muscles 3
Intelligence 6
Wit 9
Invincibility 1